There is a number of benefits of wax removal of body hair. Guys have a variety of reasons for removing some or all of their body hair :- Cleanliness, Aesthetics,  Performance improvement, Competitive Advantage eg. swimming, Body Building, Cycling, Modelling etc. Some may go hair free simply because it looks and feels good.  Others because their partners prefer them that way, or they have other personal reasons for wanting to be hair free. The reasons are many… The choice of how much hair you want is yours. Over time, with regular treatments, the discomfort of waxing eases as the follicles respond to treatment, and the re-growth is easier to remove. I am Axiom certified and I use the best depilatory waxes at my massage treatment room rather than at a street waxing salon. My location is perfect and very discreet with ample parking nearby.

There are several benefits of waxing over shaving :-

  • No itchy stubbly re-growth
  • Longer time between the need to remove re-growth
  • With time the regrowth softens and reduces and therefore body hair thins out
  • There is less likelihood of ingrown hairs compared to body shaving

Before having a waxing treatment :-

  • Avoid shaving/trimming/using hair removal creams for 3 weeks.  The hair needs to be sufficient length (8-10mm) in order for it to be successfully removed.
  • Shower (ideally, although i appreciate that this is not always possible) and wear/bring clean loose cotton clothing/underwear (depending on the areas to be waxed)
  • Especially in the case of Brazilian/intimate area waxing… Leave your inhibitions in the car park.

After your Waxing Treatment :-

  • Be prepared to avoid activities where you get sweaty for between 24-48 hours (and yes, in the case of Brazilian/intimate area waxing this does include sexual activity)
  • Avoid spas, swimming Pools, Saunas, and Steam Rooms for up to 48 hours.
  • Avoid Tanning (real or Artificial)for a few days.
  • Exfoliate and Moisturise the area waxed as directed at the time of the treatment.
  • Follow the aftercare advice that you are given at the time.
  • And if you have any issues or concerns after waxing…. contact me.

Male, intimate Waxing :-

Keeping everything neat and tidy is something that appeals to lots of men, whether for hygiene, aesthetic or more personal reasons. I will get you smooth and hair free in a relaxed but professional environment. With my intimate waxing treatments I can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, taking particular care with those most sensitive areas.

Intimate Waxing involves the removal of hair from the groin, penis, scrotum, buttocks and the anal area, so I understand you may be a little self-conscious. I am experienced(Axiom Certified), relaxed and absolutely focused on the job – removing your hair effectively. Sometimes the treatment can cause arousal for a moment or two, but this is not a cause for panic,your therapist knows this can happen and will continue with her work. I provide an exceptional and a first class male grooming/waxing service that keeps people coming back from miles around.


Think of this as a tidy up rather than a full landscaping.  Hair is removed from the crease of the leg and blended.


Also known as “Boyzilian” made famous by David Beckham (God love Him).  With this wax hair is removed from the scrotum, penis, anus and the pubic mound leaving a small amount of hair above the penis.


They say less is more!  This wax removes ALL hair from yje pubic mound, scrotum, penis and anus.

Back, Sack and Crack

It does what it says on the tin!  This is a back wax plus your choice of either Brazilian or Hollywood.


Men’s Facial Waxing

Eyebrows – £15

Nostrils – £5

Ears – £5

Cheekbones – £5

Men’s Torso Waxing

Chest – £20

Abs – £20

Chest & Abs –  £20

Nape of Neck – £15

Lower Back – £15

Shoulders – £15 

Upper Back & Shoulders – £25

Full back and Shoulders – £35

Men’s Arms Waxing

Underarms – £15

Full arms and underarms – £30

Upper Arms – £15

Forearms & Hands – £20

Hands and Fingers – £10

Men’s Leg Waxing

Full Legs & Feet – £45

Upper Legs – £25

Lower Legs & Feet – £25

Feet and Toes – £10

Men’s Intimate Waxing

Buttocks(Cheeks & Crack) – £20

Groin (Penis, Scrotum, & Pubic Triangle – £40

Brazilian (Butt & Groin) – £60

Waxing Combos

Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils – £20

Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abs – £50

Back, Shoulders & Brazilian – £85

Legs & Brazilian – £135

Full Body with Brazilian – £185